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I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.

About me

Free will of the one!

A Siliguri (India) based web application, ecommerce and technology consultant. I’ve been playing around the web for over 16 years now, trying to do things I can feel proud of. I’m also the co-founder of Pixpa – a “Software as a Service” platform to build online portfolio websites. Here’s an interesting Business Today article on Pixpa. I started my career as a web application developer and have worked with companies like Sapient, GE and NIIT Tech for over 8 years, at various positions.

My work

I love what i do

I love my work and I like taking on exciting projects. I take pride in my code, and strive to make sure my code is not only elegant, but simple and organized. I love solving problems and making great ideas happen. New technologies get me excited and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I am just a guy who loves what he does for a living and has two beautiful children. Though I am passionate and opinionated about my profession, I try not to take it, or myself, too seriously 🙂

My expertise

Here are some of the areas of my expertise:


lamp / open-stack / cdn / cloud migration / aws / server security & performance tuning / database design and management / web application design and development


stable and scalable ecommerce solution delivered with lightning fast speed can increase the performance of an online business @ web, mobile, & marketplaces.

open web

scalable, robust, secure & responsive web applications based on open-source / cloud / lamp / html5 & css3 / javascript frameworks / cdn infrastructure.

My Bullet 500

I am a proud owner of a RE Bullet 500 ( forest green ) bike. This is no ordinary bike.. it takes me to the remotest part of Himalayas without ever breaking down once, during any of my challenging trips. This picture is from my 10 days Bhutan Exploration trip in Dec 2016. B.T.W i own a Hyundai Verna as well that I don’t like much and hope to sell it soon.. 🙂


Some of my clients

These are some of the companies whom I have worked with.. directly or through some of their registered vendors..


A scenic ride for some splash!

I love to go on short rides in the hills and tea-estates of Darjeeling. For me, its always a good time to go for a ride. The scenic roads, beautiful flora and fauna of Himalayas.. never ceases to amaze me. These pictures on the left are from a day, when I woke-up with a feeling of taking a dip in some Himalayan river and finished a beautiful day with blissful feelings and memories for life!

Tech skills

I am a quick learner and an early adopter. This list will keep growing. Stay tuned!


html5 / css3 / xml / canvas / svg / javascript libraries and frameworks


oops / mvc / open-stack / cdn / cloud / rdbms / RESTful / aws / Amazon AI / TensorFlow


php / mysql / pear / centos / apache / linux shell / cron / dns / cpanel / iptables

A few facts about myself

This is how I rate myself on skills, which I believe, are important to me:

Geek / Technical Skills
Riding / Driving Skills
Photo / Video Shooting Skills
Wanderer / Traveller Skills
Spiritual / Seeker Skills